Painting for me is about connecting to something greater than myself and something timeless.  Over the years of my life, the many places I've visited and the experiences I've had, painting has been the medium of my expression.  Whether I am restoring the old splendor of my Victorian Era home in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or allowing an indulgence of sun and sand on a warm summer beach, painting is in my heart.  I believe that the world we live in and the world we create dance together to create something magnificent.  There is  beauty in Nature reclaiming what was once man's creation.  The conflux of urbanization at the shore still allows moments of transcendentalism.  Painting for me starts here and ends with a connection to myself, the world, and the past. 

I paint in plein air to start much of my work and the allow generous studio time to create a pseudo Impressionistic interpretation.  Keeping painting in the truest and rustic sensibilities, I also employ a dedication to abstracted strokes while staying in the representation of the world I see.   

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